"Want immediate feedback on your putting stroke? Bypass that $500-an-hour teaching pro and pick up a Putter Wheel. Essentially a ball with two sides lopped off, the device wobbles like a drunken sailor when you hit it with anything less than a pure stroke. Catch it just right, though -- in the center of your putterface and with a slightly ascending blow -- and it rolls like a dream. $17.95 per wheel; 3-packs are $39.95; ..."
-- Golf Magazine: 39 Ways to fix everything

"...it's a new putting aid that could become one of the best and most innovative products to come along in a long while....it's small and easily portable. It's a good price point. And I really think it's going to make me a better putter."
-- John Kim, Coordinating Producer, PGA.com

“…all three of us enjoyed the PutterWheel and will be making it part of our normal practice and warm up routine. I think this is a great putting aid and can help anyone shave strokes off of their game.”
-- AverageJackGolf.com

“Simplicity at it’s very finest! As I noted, PutterWheel is extremely quick and simple to put to use…What you’ll find is a device that gives almost instant feedback on the quality of your putting stroke, as well as where you hit the ball on the face.
Does it Work In a word, yes – almost frustratingly so. Poor strokes will be glaringly obvious to the user, much more so than using a golf ball…For pure, immediate feedback, I’m not sure I’ve seen a product that can keep up with this one.”
 -- Hacker’s Paradise

“I have received the Putter Wheels and thought I would give you some feedback. They are terrific! My students and fellow instructors believe they will be a very good teaching tool. I will be placing an order for more soon.” 
– Bob Williams, The Pasadena Clubfitter, USGTF Certified Level III Swing Instructor, A Golf Digest "Top Fitter" in 2011

This immediate feedback mechanism allows you to try different techniques, putters, grips, etc to find what works best for you…The design simplifies both lining up the putt and seeing the track to the hole…The PutterWheel System is a great tool for learning a solid and consistent putting stroke. The inner red ring gets your eyes directly over the ball…Use it pre-round to get your green speed for the day and it covers all aspects of putting. 
-- neucruegolf.com

“With the PutterWheel my students learn quickly to get their eyes over the line of the putt. From this setup they can make a better stroke and the wheel wobbles less.”
 -- John O’Leary, Director of Instruction, Arnold Palmer Golf Academy at Bay Hill

 "The PutterWheel is an excellent training aid that forces my students to concentrate on center contact and alignment, it is very effective."
 -- Julio Nutt, Lead Master Instructor, Jim McLean Golf School at Trump National Doral

“Everything is going well…So far it has been very positive.”
 -- Steve Hurtig - PGA Head Professional, Bear Creek Golf Club

“I gave it to my student and simply told her to aim it, stand over the wheel without seeing red sidewalls so that your eyes are above the ball and keep practicing a smooth stroke until the PutterWheel doesn’t wobble. Simple!”
-- Dave Moon, PGA Instructor

“I love the concept and I think my students could benefit from this tremendously.” 
– John Oliver, PGA Instructor

“I bought the 'PutterWheel' because after I used it during a lesson…last week, I had 28 putts the next day. Usually I have around 34 putts on the same course.”
-- Lewis Metzger, Fair Lawn, NJ

"Head pro just said it improved his putting immeasurably." 
-- J.R., member, Upper Montclair Country Club

A score trimmer !!, July 7, 2013 – Amazon verified purchase
“I used this a few times on putting green before the round; from long, medium and short distances. Took a couple putts to get the wheel rolling as specified. On course, I could not miss from inside 10ft - took 4 strokes off. I hope next round has same results!!!”

A Different Way to Putt, July 4, 2013 – Amazon verified purchase
“This gadget certainly makes you concentrate on your putting stroke! You get immediate feedback if you cut across it...it just falls over.”

I played in a charity golf tourney on Monday. It was a scramble, I knocked down 4 birdie putts for my team! Putting is definitely improving! We finished at 8 under par. -- Michael Schertz

Fast shipping, and good experience with the purchase. I have practiced with it twice, then played on Sunday. Putted much better (29 putts total, with several that just didn’t drop). – Mancest, Hacker’s Paradise Blog, July 16, 2013

Good putting aide. -- Ed Lee

“(The customized PutterWheels) look great and we are looking forward to handing them out at our golf outing on Saturday.” -- Christopher Doherty, Director, Business Systems & Technology, Clark-Reliance Corporation

“The PutterWheel was a hit. We gave them out at two golf tournaments so far. We gave them out at the par 3 hospitality tents to those who teed off and got on the green. We had several people who could not get on the green offer cash to pick one up.” -- Charley C. Sung, Principal, SUNG & HWANG | LLP

"Simplicity at it’s very finest! ...PutterWheel is extremely quick and simple to put to use…What you’ll find is a device that gives almost instant feedback on the quality of your putting stroke"
--Hacker's Paradise
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