Never HIT your putt again. Learn to ROLL it like a wheel with PutterWheel!
1. Line of SIGHT

The PutterWheel's patent pending wheel design encourages taking dead aim at your target. Even standing above the ball, you will be able to tell if you are on or off line. The narrow width builds confidence and focused aim. (fig. 1)


Getting your eyes over the ball: The PutterWheel not only helps align your body to the ball, but the distance as well. The PutterWheel's red sidewalls tell you if you are too far or too close to the ball. (fig. 2-4)


With confidence in your line and setup, the stroke becomes simpler. Make a rolling stroke as you would to get a wheel rolling. If your stroke is not square to the direction of the PutterWheel, it immediately tells you by wobbling off the club face. (fig. 5
Fig. 1. Aim every putt on a specific line.
Fig. 2. See inner red ring, too far from ball.
Fig. 5. A mis-hit of the PutterWheel will cause it to wobble off the club face.
Fig. 4. See just white top of ball, just right! Your eyes are directly over the ball.
Fig. 3. See outer red ring, too close to ball
See below for more info on how PutterWheel saves you strokes on the green!
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PutterWheel named Best Training Aid at the Golf Europe Conference 2014 in Germany!

Golf.com calls PutterWheel one of the "10 Must-Have Items from the [2014] PGA Show"! -- Gary Van Sickle -- Gary Van Sickle

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​"Want immediate feedback on your putting stroke? [PutterWheel] wobbles like a drunken sailor when you hit it with anything less than a pure stroke. Catch it just right, though -- in the center of your putterface and with a slightly ascending blow -- and it rolls like a dream." -- Golf Magazine: 39 Ways to fix everything

“Simplicity at it’s very finest!  ...Putter Wheel is extremely quick and simple to put to use…What you’ll find is a device that gives almost instant feedback on the quality of your putting stroke... Does it Work In a word, yes – almost frustratingly so. Poor strokes will be glaringly obvious to the user, much more so than using a golf ball…For pure, immediate feedback, I’m not sure I’ve seen a product that can keep up with this one.” 
-- Hacker’s Paradise

“With the putter wheel my students learn quickly to get their eyes over the line of the putt. From this setup they can make a better stroke and the wheel wobbles less.” 
-- John O’Leary, Director of Instruction, Arnold Palmer Golf Academy at Bay Hill

 "The Putter Wheel is an excellent training aid that forces my students to concentrate on center contact and alignment, it is very effective." -- Julio Nutt, Lead Master Instructor, Jim McLean Golf School at Trump National Doral

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2015 PGA Show Favorite

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